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Home Functions

  1. No buffet setup will be provided for this menu price.
  2. Food items will be in disposable takeaway trays, beverage will be packet drink
  3. Contact our main line at 68588010 for any enquiries.
  • Spicy
  • Chef's Recommendation
  • Vegetarian
  • Menu $4B-A

    White Rice

    Chilli Chicken

    Lohan Veg

    Braised Tau Kwa

    Packet Drink 

  • Menu $4B-B

    White Rice

    Lemak Chicken

    Chap Chai

    Tomato Egg

    Packet Drink

  • Menu $4B-C

    Plain Rice

    Sweet & Sour Fish

    Lontong Veg

    Potato with Minced Chicken

    Packet Drink

  • Menu $4B-D

    White Rice

    Diced Fish

    Green Veg

    Stir Fried Mushroom

    Packet Drink

  • Menu $4B-E

    White Rice

    Oyster Chicken


    Sambal Tau Kwa

    Packet Drink

  • Menu $4B-F

    White Rice

    Grilled Chicken

    Ma Po Tofu


    Packet Drink

  • Menu $4B-G

    White Rice

    Curry Fish

    Long Beans

    Black Pepper Egg Beancurd

    Packet Drink

  • Menu $4B-H

    Hong Kong Bee Hoon

    Baked Chicken

    Fish Cake

    Shredded Cabbage

    Packet Drink 

  • Menu $4B-I

    White Rice

    Fish in Thai sauce

    Long beans

    Fu Yong Egg

    Packet Drink

  • Menu $4B-J

    White Rice

    Sambal Fish

    Lohan Veg

    Potato with Miced Chicken

    Packet Drink