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Tea Reception

Home Functions

  1. No buffet setup will be provided for this menu price.
  2. Food items will be in disposable takeaway trays, beverage will be packet drink
  3. Contact our main line at 68588010 for any enquiries.
  • Spicy
  • Chef's Recommendation
  • Vegetarian
  • Menu $6.8R-1


    Hokkien Mee with Fish Cake 

    Farmer Fried Chicken

    Sambal Fish Ball

    Steamed Veg Pau

    Sliced Tea Cake

    Fruits Platter

    Coffee & Tea

  • Menu $6.8R-2


    Mini Fish Burger

    Baked Banana Strudel

    Veg Sesame Ball

    Steamed Soon Kueh

    Veg Samosa

    Chocolate Eclair

    Coffee & Tea


  • Menu $6.8R-3


    Raspberry Strudel

    Dry Mee Siam with Fish Cake

    Baked Mid Wings

    Steamed Gyoza

    Egg Tart

    Chocolate Eclair

    Coffee & Tea‚Äč

  • Menu $6.8R-4


    Veg Bee Hoon with Mocked Char Siew

    Fried Chicken Mid Wing

    Fish Beancurd

    Steamed Siew Mai

    Fried Crabmeat Roll

    Steamed Tapioca

    Cream Puff

    Coffee & Tea

  • Menu $6.8R-5


    Tom Yum Tang Hoon with Mushrooms

    Honey Glazed Chicken

    Yu Teow Sotong

    Veg Curry Puff

    Chocolate Tart

    Baked Apple Strudel

    Coffee & Tea

  • Menu $6.8R-6


    Mee Goreng with Fish Cake

    Baked Mid Wings

    Fried Fish Cake

    Steamed Rice Kueh

    Assorted Sandwich

    Fruits Platter

    Coffee & Tea

  • Menu $6.8R-7


    Fried Carrot Cake with Chai Poh

    Baked Chocolate Roll

    Steamed Gyoza

    Veg Samosa

    Cheese Tofu

    Mini Muffin

    Coffee & Tea

  • Menu $6.8R-8


    Egg Noodles with Mushrooms

    Prawn Fritters with Tartar Sauce

    Steamed Yam Cake

    Thai Fish Cake

    Chocolate Eclair

    Veg Donut

    Coffee & Tea